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Kate Hunt

Teddy our Wire Haired Vizsla had a TPLO operation in December 2017 and unfortunately has been on a hard and long road to recovery complicated by infection and further surgery. Teddy and I arrived a year ago at Oak Ride Farm Hydro after he was referred for hydro by his physiotherapist. He was weak and […]

Mike Oborne

My thanks to Mandy, Carolyn and Paula at Oak Ride Farm Hydro for helping rehabilitate my dog Alfie following leg surgery, enabling him to walk well and confidently, and strengthening him to support his joints as he gets older. The team have been professional from the start, discussing with me and progressively evolving Alfie’s therapy […]

Sam Hatcher

I have been recommending Oak Ride Farm Hydrotherapy to anybody and everybody who owns a dog, whether it is for rehab or general fitness. My dogs absolutely love Mandy, Carolyn and Paula, who are always so good with them and always take the time to ensure that the dogs are moving at a pace that […]

Lee Brook

The ladies who run the hydrotherapy at Oak Ride Farm are amazing with my dog, Murphy. Hydrotherapy was recommended to us to help with my dogs recently diagnosed hip dysplasia and it’s doing wonders for him! We are hopeful that we can now avoid surgery and continue hydrotherapy long term instead. I was worried how […]

Anita Morley

Our labrador Charlie has been going to Oak Ride Farm Hydro for regular rehab sessions following an arthroscopy procedure. Both Carolyn and Mandy are excellent with him and achieved great results with his legs. Our vet is impressed with the muscle tone and movement, which it is unlikely he would have achieved without hydro. Charlie […]

Lucy White

I would like to say a huge thank you to Mandy, Carolyn and Paula, who are all part of the Oak Ride Farm Hydro Team and have been helping my collie x with her arthritis through hydrotherapy. They are all lovely and highly experienced and made a significant difference to her. I can’t recommend their […]

Debbie Lammin

I chose Oak Ride Farm Hydro for my dog Ruby based on the qualifications of the staff and the sensible pricing; I was also impressed by the care and professionalism shown at our introductory session. Ruby works competition obedience, which is a bit like dressage for dogs and requires a high level of fitness and […]

Tricia and the Goldens

I have been using the hydro treadmill for over two years for a dog with severe spondylitis. We visit every three weeks now to maintain her muscle tone. She has benefited so much and is now able to do most of the things she did before being diagnosed. They are very professional and caring.

Beryl Frid

I would strongly recommend Oak Ride Farm Hydrotherapy to anyone who has an interest in aiding their dogs recover from injury or surgery, enabling them to be more comfortable in their later years, or just wanting fit dogs who are able to enjoy themselves. The hydrotherapists are very knowledgable and caring towards the dogs and […]