Kate Hunt

Teddy our Wire Haired Vizsla had a TPLO operation in December 2017 and unfortunately has been on a hard and long road to recovery complicated by infection and further surgery. Teddy and I arrived a year ago at Oak Ride Farm Hydro after he was referred for hydro by his physiotherapist. He was weak and still limping and was stuck in a cycle of weakness and inflammation unable to build muscle for fear of irritating the knee joint. I couldn’t really see how short sessions of hydrotherapy could make much difference and was anxious as to how my sensitive Vizsla who had been through so much would tolerate the treatment. It was amazing even after the one trial session he gained confidence and attempted to weight bear more fully on dry land! I was so impressed with the way that Mandy and Carolyn gently won Teddy over getting him to happily climb into the treadmill without any fear because he felt their calmness and support. With their work and support he has improved steadily month on month and now I joy everyday at the recovered dog who trots ahead of me on walks everyday, weight bearing on all four limbs without a limp! A year on we keep going to hydro monthly to maintain the progress he has made and also because Teddy loves to go!