Important Notice

All Boarding, Grooming and Hydrotherapy Clients please note: DO NOT bring your dogs to us if they are unwell. There is a really nasty virus affecting dogs and it would seem that it is countrywide. It is, as far as we know, mainly a sickness and diarrhoea bug, but it can present with quite severe […]

Price Changes February 2020 for Dog Boarding

Notice to all dog boarding clients: Afternoon collections result in the kennel being unavailable for use until the following day. Later collections are becoming the normal practice, so we have decided we will not make morning pick ups compulsary, however, a service charge will be added for afternoon collections. From Monday 3rd February 2020, a […]

Riaflex Stockists

Price Increases 2019

Moderate price increases have been necessary in 2019: Small Dogs £19.90 Standard Dogs £20.90 Large/Giant Dogs £21.90 5% discount for multiple dogs sharing Cats £10.90 £6 each additional cats sharing Doggy Daycare £17

Oak Ride Farm Hydrotherapy – official Riaflex stockists

RIAFLEX About Canine Joint PlusHA Canine Joint PlusHA is the ultimate and most effective joint supplement on the market, containing a powerful combination of Glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitin, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and antioxidants, at exceptional levels. Developed to provide everything your dog’s joints need in a single supplement, it provides fast, effective and long term support of joint […]

Canine Hydrotherapy Association – Benefits of hydro

THE BENEFITS OF HYDROTHERAPY Extensive work in human physiotherapy has demonstrated that a suitably monitored course of hydrotherapy acts by encouraging a full range of joint motion in reduced weight bearing conditions, thus improving muscle tone and promoting tissue repair, without imposing undue stress on damaged tissues. Controlled water based exercise helps to improve cardiovascular […]

Another week at Oak Ride Farm

Expect the unexpected. That’s how we roll at Oak Ride Farm. Funnily enough it seems to have been a good mantra as things never go as you imagine…… This week the predictable events were as you would hope. Lots of dogs and cats in and out for boarding in the kennels and cattery. Personally, I […]

Isn’t it warm!

No apologies for repeated posts reminding you to be mindful of your pets in this wonderful weather.   They rely on you to keep them safe and protect them from sun and heat related problems.   There is an abundance of advice online and just today we saw that the Blue Cross are showing how […]