Another week at Oak Ride Farm

Expect the unexpected. That’s how we roll at Oak Ride Farm. Funnily enough it seems to have been a good mantra as things never go as you imagine……

This week the predictable events were as you would hope. Lots of dogs and cats in and out for boarding in the kennels and cattery. Personally, I am always pleased to see the beagles, but they are not for the faint hearted.

Some hairy, and not so hairy pups in for a groom, and the usual eclectic mix of canine athletes, oaps and post operative guys coming for hydrotherapy. Just check out our Instagram for some fabulous pictures. Oak_ride_farm. Have to say it’s hard to have favourites but the oldies that leave hydro so supercharged is always a delight.

The uninvited guests we have at Oak Ride Farm, are the mallards in the house swimming pool, the nocturnal moggies that grace us with their presence, and the ever increasing resident parrots. If you visit us let us know if you spot the non indigenous species.

Did anyone spot the miracle we performed in the grooming parlour? Have a look at the before and after pictures on Facebook and Instagram. We groomed an Airdale and turned him into a Welsh Terrier! It’s a unique service we are offering. However, it’s not possible to make beagles into anything other than beagles. We have limits!

No apologies for the continued reminders about keeping your pets safe in this unusual heatwave. We will keep on and on about it in the hope you are spreading the message.

Have a good week and keep cool even if football is coming home!