Our Airedale Terrier, Hetty (now 2 years old), was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at 8 months old & potentially facing major surgery.

It was recommended that she had hydrotherapy and it has been the best decision we could have made.

Mandy, Carolyn and Paula have been simply brilliant and Hetty has improved so much.

From the very first session both we and Hetty were completely at ease. The care and professionalism shown by everyone is a tribute to them.

We cannot recommend Oak Ride Farm Hydro highly enough and Hetty is especially grateful.

Thank you to you all.

Brilliant under water treadmill.  Very professional ladies and patient with my noisy Max. My two dogs are certainly benefiting from their treadmill sessions.  They love going there, they pull me right up to the door.  Great set up easy to park and an area to walk your dog before and after their visit. I started the treadmill from my vets recommendation, one dog with a cruciate tear and the other with a luxating patella.  This has enabled both my dogs to get rehabilitated without surgery and now they continue to go to keep them in tip top condition and fitness.  I certainly recommend Oak Ride Farm Kennels and my dogs agree!

We love our hydrotherapy sessions.  THANK YOU.

Friendly, helpful and professional.  Take it at the dogs own pace, resulting in very happy dogs.  The welfare of the dogs is paramount, and it shows in how they progress in the hydrotherapy sessions.  Thank you.

I took Bobby - my over thinking, adorable & gentle hound to Oak Ride Farm Kennels to see if Hydrotherapy could help him.  He suffers from lumbar sacral disease, and as a result had very weak hind legs. He didn't run, rarely trotted & found difficulty with anything where he couldn't use his "front end" strength. Two months on & he is a changed dog.  He is able to trot & run, is in less pain & he loves his underwater treadmill sessions.

Our Zozi Boxer dog is recovering post TPLO surgery and we highly recommend Oak Ride hydrotherapy treadmill.  A calm, focussed session does wonders for dog and owner.  Thank you for your kindness to me and your commitment to Zozi's rehab.  Wonderful service.

I take Ralph to hydro as often as I can.  Cal and Mandy are awesome and amazingly accommodating, we use Oak Ride Hydro as part of our winter training programme and would highly recommend to anyone.

I have had a long association with Oak Ride kennels and can’t praise them enough. My present dog, a Flatcoated retriever, loves going there, whether it is just for a day of socialising and playing with other dogs, or a longer stay when I go on holiday. He goes in every time, tail wagging and comes back the same. All the staff are brilliant and truly love animals. It is such a relief to have somewhere to leave him knowing that he will be happy and well looked after.
The day stay has also been a godsend if I have to leave him or need to keep him out of the way for any reason. I can leave him to play at the kennels instead of him having to be shut indoors for hours. I highly recommend Oak Ride farm as a lovely place to leave your dog.

We have used Oak Ride for at least 12 years. They really love our dog(s) and the dog is happy on arrival and departure. The kennels are spacious with big runs. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Oak Ride Kennels have been brilliant with Tonka. They took him at very short notice and at a difficult time for both of them, because it was peak time, and for us. He clearly enjoyed his time with them as is evidenced by the enthusiasm with which he has greeted staff and gone to them on subsequent occasions,

I have been using Oakride for my dog Nell for several years and have always been very pleased with the level of care and attention she receives each and every time. She is always more than happy to jump out of the car when I drop her off and each staff member greets her with genuine enthusiasm and affection - which, being a springer spaniel she returns in full measure!